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Envision Your Life 

You've Got the do you leverage it?

 Work hard? Struggle and suffer? Do it all yourself?

Does this feel like the life you want?

How about this:

Ask for what you want.

Envision and feel it. 

RELAX and let it happen.

A Vision Board lets you not just describe, but harness the power of your feelings

Everything you want is waiting for you to ask for it...

The Vision Board is your key to set it free. 

Ask for what you want

Stop saying, "I just want enough money to pay my bills," (because that's what you'll get) and start asking for the world...

"What should I ask for?"

Everything that feels good to you.

No judgements, no guilt, no bad feelings.

No small asking.


  • Create your Vision Board and Post it on Riverflow Hot Yoga Teachers FB Page with an explanation
  • FEEL GOOD about each item you post - often this is not the case so be mindful of your feelings
  • Bask in each item - feel as if you already have it
  • Smile a lot and Watch what shows up in your life
  • Add more to your Vision Board anytime




If you're a tactile, arts-and-crafts person, create a Vision Board the old fashioned way (this is how I've created all my Vision Boards).

  1. Get magazines and cut out pictures.
  2. Draw pictures of things you want
  3. Get a LARGE board
  4. Glue it all down into a pleasing collage. 
  5. Put it up where you can see it. A lot.
  6. Take a photo and POST it
  7. You can be very, very specific (canary diamond square cut 2 carat VS1 Cartier platinum ring) or very general (world peace). The key is to FEEL GOOD about what you envision


See it, like it, PIN it! Go wild on PINTEREST and post the LIVE LINK to your PINTEREST VISION BOARD on FACEBOOK- be sure to Invite us to your PINTEREST account


    Choose one of these Vision Board apps or find one you like even better - most will let you email or upload directly to Facebook in one simple step. Easy peasy

    Vision Board Tips & Secrets

    SECRET #1: Don't "know how"

    Most people are wishing, praying, hoping...but all the while thinking:

    • "No way I can have that. I better aim smaller."
    • "I need to start planning - I'm already behind!"
    • "I cant have everything I want - I better choose."

    These thoughts are not only counterproductive to your Vision- they're exactly why you dont achieve it.

    You stand in your own way. You muddy the path.

    You are thinking in opposition to your thoughts and visions.

    Stop that, OK?

    Stop stressing, fretting, planning how you're going to "get there," and sit back and allow it to unfold.

    Your job is to have the Vision; then relax and have certainty.

    Act when you feel INSPIRED, not when you you "should."

    Your job is to feel what you want. Let the HOW find you -  in ways better than all your planning.

    SECRET #2: Feel it

    Have you ever said any of these:

    • "I'll travel when I have more money"
    • "I'll have the time when I retire"
    • "I'll take better care of myself when my kids are grown."

    Stop waiting. That feels terrible.

    Instead, sit back and bask in the feeling of having what you want, right now. 

    Pretend. Make believe. Get into the feeling of having what you want til it makes you smile.

    Notice I said the FEELING. That's all you need: the feeling of having everything you want on your Vision Board. And that you can have, right now.

    SECRET #3: Choose NOW

    Think or do something that feels good right now.

    Read a book. Sit in your favorite coffee shop (you'll see me at Lambertville Trading almost everyday, doing just that). Have some chocolate (hold the guilt!)

    Yes, your mind may resist. "Hey, shouldnt I be doing something productive?"

    Answer: "I'm enjoying myself. That's powerfully productive."

    By doing What Feels Good Right Now, you are aligning with your Vision and that's more productive than completing everything on your To Do List. 

    And what about that To Do List? Get your garbage can'll find out more about this later.


    Is it possible to have everything you want? You can't you miss!

    It's science.

    Your brain sees no difference between what you call Imagination and what you call Reality.

    To your brain it's all real, all valid.

    You knew this when you were five years old; you knew the power of "make believe."

    You just forgot about it; or more accurately, you got talked out of it: 

    • "It's time to face reality."
    • "Get out and do something."
    • "Stop daydreaming."

    You were taught to face reality before you were understood how you create reality.

    The reality you're facing is the one you created. No exceptions.

    How did you create the reality you're living?

    Whatever you focus upon, your mind will seek out and bring to you. Thats neuroscience.

    It's physics

    Thoughts are things. They have a vibrational energy that is as real as that chair you're sitting in. That energy impresses your subconscious mind. 

    That "impression" burns into your brain.

    Your obedient mind sifts through endless bits of data to find things that match your thoughts...and bring them into your life.

    ¥ou create your own reality.


    It's Law of Attraction

    As you think and feel,  those thoughts the expand outward and attract like energies. It's the Law of Attraction.

    Your thoughts have momentum. And chances are you will not be able to stop habitual thoughts on a dime

    But you dont have to. One thought at a time will do it.

    Just pivot slightly into better feeling thoughts and consider, "Is this what I want?" with each thought you think.

    As the originator of thoughts, you are the powerful co-creator in your own life. The other partner? The Universe. Energy. God. Source. Your Inner Genius (my favorite)

    Whatever you call it, it's waiting for you to give it direction.

    You are either your most powerful ally... or your worst enemy.

    When you think something that feels good, you are lighting a fire under that feel good rocket and propelling it forward.

    When you worry - about money, health, your relationship -  you are giving that more fuel as well and creating more of that.

    You will always get more of what you think about most often and feel most deeply.  So why not think of what makes you happy?

    Think Big. Have fun. Become your Vision