It's not new, it's not new-agey, but it is the hallmark of the start of a new age: a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Einstein tried to tell us about Law of Attraction from the scientific point of view.

The idea of a Tipping Point is when enough people understand or accept an idea or a practice so that there is an unmistakeable shift and that idea becomes common sense.

If you don't understand Law of Attaction, it's really a very simple concept: everything is energy and the energy you put forth in the form of what you focus on, simply attracts  more of the same.

If you're not adept at the subtleties of using the Law of Atttraction in your life (we're all using it, its just a question of how consciously), thats what this section of this website is here to help you do.

Check back often for new ideas and guiding thoughts on manifesting the life you want, from the energy you create.

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Hey Universe, where's my stuff?

You may have forgotten something here: you were born a winner.

You beat out 300 Million other swimmers and got through the Finish Line first in the most important race of your life. That's why you're here at all.

So how is it that we forget our power and end up feeling like a lot less than the miraculous winners we are?

Disappointments, and a life of settling for paltry things can take the wind out of your sails fast. You are schooled in "not asking for too much."


Start asking for the world - it's yours already, as long as you ask the right questions. That's Law of Attraction.

The most common misconception about the law of attraction is that it is about getting something you don’t have. In fact, Law of Attraction is the ability to attract and readiness to allow that which already is.

You're a winner. You already have what you asked for; your asking created it, vibrationally. Einstein said, everything is energy.

The reason you don't "have" it yet: you’re not allowing it into your life.

The most common sticking point about believing in this aspect of Law of Attraction is this: “Yeah, yeah, I have been asking and asking and I still don't have enough money to pay my bills.  Where’s my stuff?"

Throughout your life you have been “asking” for all that you want, either verbally, through prayer, or through your life experiences.

For example, to the degree you have not had enough money in your life, you have wished or asked for more money. By doing this “asking”, you have “vibrationally created” more than enough money.

To the degree that all things are energy (Einstein said so ) – even your words – you have created with your asking; a yes, there is more than enough for you.

There is a beauty in having what is called “contrasting experiences” – that is, experiencing what you don’t want in your life so you can ask for more and more of what you do want. As you experience what you don’t want, you automatically create (through desire)  - vibrationally - what you do want.

This is the easy part.

The only difficulty here is wrapping your mind around this Law of Attraction fact: what you create vibrationally you also create actually. Maybe not today, but as soon as you're ready for it. Vibrational creations simple precede manifested reality.

What does it take to get yourself ready?

The main reason you don’t manifest your vibrational creations is that you stand in your own way, by continuing to talk about, think about, lament the “lack” of what you want, by complaining, whining or otherwise resisting your desires with your words, actions or feelings.

How many times have you said, “I wish I could be rich, but money doesn’t grow on trees…” or “I work and work and work and never get ahead of my bills.” How about this one:"I'm not asking of a lot - just enough to get by," or even more subtle resistance," I hate rich people; they're greedy and selfish."

By repeating these statements you are just attracting things that match them. Like attracts like. That's Law of Attraction in action.

We are all part physical, part vibrational. The non-physical part of us, or the Source within each of us, is a powerful co-creator of all that we want. To the degree which we align our physical and vibrational aspects – our words and our actions - our lives can express all that we want.

Your job is simply to line up energetically with what you want, right now.  And what does that mean?

Ask for what you want, and then relax. Read a book. Pet your dog. Have a cup of hot chocolate. In other words, get into the same good-feeling place as the thing you're asking for.

The way you feel is what determines what you attract into your physical life. That is Law of Attraction.

So the Law of Attraction cannot bring you what you talk about lacking – it can only bring you more lack.

The law of attraction is at play in every moment of your life. It is a Universal dynamic principle that is always “on.”

The Law of Attraction is a fair friend and it responds precisely to what you ask for. So would it benefit you to learn to ask correctly for that which you want in your life?

Close your eyes for a moment and look back closely over your life. You will surely see a direct correlation between what the law of attraction brought and where your predominant focus was. You can see it in the lives of others also.

The good news is that you can change your focus at any time. You have nothing to undo; you can start fresh right now and have everything you want in your life from here forward.

As you work in harmony with it, allowing it to assemble all necessary components for you, your experience will be successful. But if you scold it, and worry or fear that it won’t work for you, you are negating all the good it can deliver.  And you drain your energy and vitality.

"I'd Turn Back It I Were You."

Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and her friends read this sign in the forest? Think of this every time you start to worry, fret, or examine the scarey "What Ifs" in your mind. Stop choosing to the hard way

By letting the law of attraction “do the work” not only will your desires get done with far more efficiency than you could ever imagine, but you will feel exhilaration, relief and total joy in the process.

In other words, don’t buck the current!

Go with the flow of life and stop resisting; instead, embrace each moment by enjoying yourself now, despite what your mind tells you to fear.

Trust the Law of Attraction and voila - you will find your life becoming the place where you have always wanted to live.