Can you afford to miss your dreams?


You have a crazy dream, a secret wish, a big idea:

You want to be a hot yoga teacher

You'd be great at it because...

  • You're ready for work that inspires you
  • You're excited to share hot yoga

  • You want to uplift others 

Then you hit the wall:

  • "I can't afford it"
  • "I don't have time"
  • "I have too many responsibiilties..."
  • "Maybe next year..."
  • "I have to be practical."

Not this time - you're going for it because...

You are meant for big things

The present is too precious to waste, to want, or to wait.

You deserve to live your dreams, and you're ready


"How can I afford teacher training?"

A Good Investment: when the value exceeds the cost 

"Hmmmm....how can I afford this?" (scratching head or rubbing chin)- and here are your answers: 

SOLUTION #1: 2 or 3-payment plan

Make 2 or 3 equal monthly payments starting 2 or 3 months before Teacher Training. $150 fee. Contact me to arrange.

Solution #2: The 12-15 month payment plan: no fees, no interest.

The right kind of credit can be a smart investment.

CHASE SLATE Credit Card offers ZERO INTEREST for up to 12-15 months and that makes an interesting "payment plan" for Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training.

Here's how to manage debt responsibly:

  1. Divide the price of Riverflow Teacher Training over 12-15 months 
  2. Apply for a CHASE CREDIT CARD for the full amount of Teacher Training
  3. Budget and pay monthly on your CHASE CREDIT CARD for the next 12-15 months
  4. Pay it off in full before the zero percent interest rate ends

FOR EXAMPLE: pay $200/month for 15 months, you are paid in full before the interest rate rises

Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training is a 5 month program which means you may be teaching hot yoga BEFORE your CHASE credit card is paid in full; you could literally be paying for Teacher Training with new income. (No guarantees but at Riverflow do love hiring our graduates!) FOR EXAMPLE: If you teach just one class weekly at Riverflow Yoga, you'll earn enough to pay your CHASE Slate card budget.

It's easy to apply (online or call for instant approval/credit line) at CHASE ONLINE

What if your credit line is less than the cost of Teacher Training?
If you start with a small line of credit, ask for an increase. If you are responsible paying your debt monthly, chances for an increased credit line are very good.

Your hottest investment:

Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training

Teachers at Riverflow get FREE UNLIMITED hot yoga classes, yoga workshops and Migun Massages. Major discounts on our yoga boutique.
The special comraderie of a yoga teachers community.
And that's just the start
You'll feel appreciation from your students, and satisfaction in helping so many people achieve goals they never thought possible. 
Your investment in Teacher Training priceless.
Find out about joining the next Riverflow Hot Yoga Warrior Teacher Training
Early Registration discounts and bonuses are available