Appreciation Outward


How about those people who push your buttons?

Can you appreciate them?

And why should you?


If everything in your life is a perfect match to the energy you are putting out there...

how about those people who piss you off?

Are you really a match to them?

Yup. All of them


It works like this:

The people in your life show those parts of themselves you are calling forth by your focus upon those aspects.

Now comes the tricky part....

Once you notice something you don't like about someone, you'll see it more and more


Its Law of Attraction: first you notice it... you talk about it... you anticipate it...soon you'll come to expect it...and now you think their repeated behavior proves it!

But all you're proving is that Law of Attraction works...perfectly 

And it gets stronger.

And as you hold your vision of them steady and unchanging, now they cannot change; because your focus wont allow you to see anything different

It's why nagging never works!

When you nag you are harping on those aspects you don't like..

And guess what they'll continue to show you

And not just this person - but others who remind you of this person!

Same shit, different person.

But its all you.

Its infuriating...and empowering! This means all you ever have to change is your focus!

Clean up your vibration and choose your point of focus

"But my sister is rude to me!  How can I change that?"

Start like this: ignore it.

Unless you'd like more just like it.

The fact that its "true" is no reason to focus on it...again, unless you'd like more of it

New Rule: Focus on what you want - EVEN IF ITS NOT PRESENT

And Know that with your focus you are creating what YOU want .

So you mean I can truly change other people?

You truly can.

Shall we give it a go?

BLISSCIPLINE: Appreciating Outward

  • Choose a specific person - someone you have a challenging relationship with if you REALLY want to have fun with this! Or you can also choose someone you already like and just want to feel even better about
  •  On Riverflow Teachers FB Page Title it: " "Appreciating my husband," "Appreciating my sister," "Appreciating my boss"
  • Each day post 5 things that you appreciate about that person. It doesnt matter how "small" those things are ("I appreciate her nail polish color!")
  • Maintain daily 5 appreciations on that person for the next 7 days
  • Comment on any differences you feel or notice in the relationship- even if that difference is that the person disappeared from your life this week
  • ALSO - Comment on this RELATIONSHIP FORUM this week

OK - this is a challenging one:

  • Should you really ignore a bully?
  • Should you ignore social injustice?
  • Should you look away when people are getting hurt?

We are told that we enable "bad people" by not protesting, not raising our voices,  choosing to stay silent

Who said anything about being silent? Your vibrational attitude speaks volumes

Of course, if you or someone else is in harm's way,  your initial job may be to remove yourself or them from the situation

But it isn't the last word in solving this situation. Now you have to attend to it vibrationally.

Stop talking about it.

Once removed, encourage yourself NOT to tell the story, not to explain or justify your actions. You dont need approval or agreement or validation - you need to focus on the situation you'd

  • If you want your boss to respect you, be respectful to everyone (especially your boss.)
  • If you want your children to get along, compliment them when they are cooperative
  • If you want your husband to pick up the laundry,  appreciate something about him that ISNT laundry

By your attention, you draw forth from others what they will become FOR YOU.

So what happens when you focus appreciation on "ornery" people? Well..

  • they will eventially show you the parts of themselves that match your appreciation 
  • or...they will easily and quietly disappear from your life

This isnt a fairy tale; it's Law (of attraction)

And on a deeper level...

You've heard about the "blessing in disguise."

Here it is:.

People who "treat you badly" offer you the greatest gift: Clarity

What they are doing may not feel good, but it always makes things clear:

You know clearly what you DO want - because they help you to experience what you DONT want

These scoundrels helped you to focus!

And your focus creates your future

Get it?

Now get going

Align with the future you DO want...stop focusing on the contrast.

The longer you focus on the angst, the more you hold yourself apart from your joy.

And THAT is TRULY upsetting:

Holding yourself apart from what you DO want is what has you in a knot 

And THAT pisses you off...not those people and their actions!

This is all a game between you and You

So start appreciating these villains for the part they play and move on to the future they helped you to clarify.

One day you will thank them. 

But for today,  its enough to thank yourself for your awareness 

And in doing so, you will gain more and more certaingy that YOU are in control of this life you're creating.


ONE LAST NOTE: Your Preferences Matter! 

I am not suggesting that you should "like" or "love" everyone no matter what

You have a right to your preferences

In fact, the Universe demands that you clarify your preferences so it can bring you more!

Just realize that whatever you focus upon, the Universe interprets as"wanting more"

Focus = More, please

So yes, go ahead and notice what you dont like: for a moment

Note it briefly, as in, "Ok I got it - I dont like rudeness."

Then pivot: what would I prefer instead?

Pivot again: Wouldnt it be nice it....?

You know how to Pivot

Focus on feeling of what you DO prefer

and appreciate how everyone and everything plays a part in getting you clear about the life you want

Isnt that nice of them....!