Get Set Up.... 

1. Google PLUS

Our Coaching Meetings will take place on Google Hangout. Five minutes before our appointed time, open GOOGLE PLUS and you will receive a pop-up invitation to JOIN THE HANGOUT 

First, you will need to create a GOOGLE PLUS Account (you need to have a GMAIL address first).

This is FREE

Create your GOOGLE PLUS Account. Go to GOOGLE HANGOUT and you will be asked to download/install the AUDIO and VIDEO portions

Then EMAIL ME your GOOGLE PLUS name or GMAIL ADDRESS so I can add you to our Riverflow Yoga Teachers Google group.



You will need a SKYPE Account - this is also free. In the Event that Google Hangout is unavailable, we will SKYPE our Coaching Calls.

Download SKYPE to your laptop. Upload a small photo of yourself in your SKYPE ACCOUNT so you are easy to identify

Add me to your SKYPE contacts list: search rhonda.uretzky

Email me your SKYPE username. I will add you to our Riverflow Yoga Teachers SKYPE group


3. YouTube

Our Hangout sessions and more will be recorded and uploaded as Private YouTube sessions. If you want to review a coaching session, you will always have access to it (remember that you cannot miss more than two sessions).

You will also be creating script videos that you will post on YouTube throughout teacher training.

You need to have a YouTube Account. Go to YouTube and sign up for one. 

Email me your YouTube Username



Sometimes YouTube gets a bit snarky and can be challenging when uploading longer videos.

Sign up for DROPBOX account, a free service whereby you can send your videos to held on file on DROPBOX; you then invite me to share your videos in DROPBOX by inviting

Get your Free DROPBOX account now.


5. WORDPRESS Journal

Each week, you will be keeping a Journal of your observations during each of your two weekly hot yoga classes.


You can keep it public or make it private, making it visible only to Riverflow Teachers and teacher trainees.

 Sharing your experiences with an open heart will add richness to your experience in teacher training. Add photos to your BLOG as well






Teacher Training Materials

All the items you need and all the stuff you need to know in order to go through the Finish Line of your Riverflow Virtual Hot Yoga Teacher Training:

1. Portable Radiant Heater

Radiant heat is amazing - it heats the object (ie, person), not the air. You get heat that feels like the sun - and no drying out the air in the room.

When you are practicing your script on your Guinea Pig (best friend, willing family member, Accountability Partner, fellow teacher trainee or Teacher), you will need to make sure they are well heated.

The Optimus Heater is also radiant a well priced and effective heater.  We sometimes use these to boost "colder spots" in the room during the winter.

NOTE: Don't use a regular space heater for your script practice - this will NOT get the Guinea Pig hot enough. The radiant heater will make them sweat and that's key. Just place it on the floor, very close to the person and turn up the heat. Oscillating feature is great when the student is lying down for the floor series. It has a safetey feature so it will turn off automatically if the room or heater gets too hot - yes their idea of "too hot" differs from ours - so if it turns off, turn it to OFF and let it cool down for a bit before turning on again


2. Portable Full Length Mirror - optional

What the heck, you've been meaning to get one of these anyway - how else would you know that those shoes just don't go with those pants?

This one is cool - not too costly, large enough, and depending on your car you can take it off the frame and toss it in the back (or hatchback if you have one) and take it to your Script-Buddy's location. Along with your heater, you are now a traveling Hot Yoga Teacher in Training.


3. Video and Audio Recording Device - Your Choice

You will be video and audio recording your script practice sessions and sending them to us weekly so you need something that will do the job: your MAC or laptop,  your iPhone, or a Digital Camera with a mic.

GREAT OPTION: Record your script sessions as a Google Hangout (be sure to click Record Session before you begin) and it will automatically record and create a YouTube post of your session. You can go back and make it Private or Unlisted and then post the link to your video on your PERSONAL PAGE/ASANA.