Presenting Your Blissipartners 

Why do you need a Partner?

Why is it easier to be accountable to someone else rather than to yourself? In fact, it's often easy to shortchange yourself.

Too easy.

We tell ourselves stories about the reasons we let ourselves down; why we dont have what we want; how we "can't do it."

And all those excuses sound, well, reasonable.

But in the end, they just rob you of the life you really want.

Its time to be accountable for your bliss - and a BlissiPartner can help

What is a BlissiPartner?

Your Blissipartners are your personal badasses.

They want to see you get your results:

They will not settle for you settling for less

No excuses. No stories. Just results.

How to Be A Blissipartner

Twice each week, you will check in with your  TT Partner - and once a week with your Teacher Mentor - in a 2 way call for a brief 6 minutes total (3 minutes each partner) to ask each other the following 3 questions:

  1. What three victories have you had since our last call?
  2. What are you looking forward to this week
  3. What 3 blissful commitments will you keep by our next call (maximum of three - and they must ALL feel good)
  1. Do you have any questions about your assignments, or about Teacher Training?
  2. How can I support you - with teacher training or...anything else?

Making the Call

You can use the phone, SKYPE, Google Hangout; you can do a group phone call, Facetime,  etc

as long as it is INTERACTIVE and live, IN REAL TIME, conversing with each other .

Creativity is encouraged; and sometimes you may need to mix it up to make it happen.

Finding a consistent day and time often works best.

Just keep your word and do these calls no matter what.

BlissiPartners celebrate each other...

We have a habit of not celebrating ourselves.

We minimize, and often don't acknowledge our own magnificence.

Your Partners won't let you get away with that, either.

Each time you keep your commitment, it is a VICTORY! 

Your Partner will help you see that by making a big deal about it every time you keep your word to follow your bliss.

Come up with your own special way to "celebrate" each others' victories.


Blissipartners are honest with each other...

As a Blissful Partner, your goal is not to be liked. You don't give a fuck about that

Your job is to keep your partner on her blissful track. 

Sometimes that will mean making your partner STOP before she gets off track telling stories, excuses,  or reasons why she didnt do what she said she would.

Because excuses are like a plastic bag over the head; they suffocate you.

Before she gets inside her plastic bag - in fact, the moment she whips it out of her back pocket - you must call her on it!

The moment you hear the hint of an excuse, the start of a story, the rustle of plastic, say STOP! to your Partner. Guide her back to her bliss and remind her that she is powerful enough to do what she said she would do NO MATTER WHAT.

Keeping your Partner accountable helps her create her results.

The result: you both develop the blissful habit of keeping your word - and feeing good about it.

Is it polite to listen to your blissipartner's problems?

When you let people "vent," or commiserate to show that you understand, understand this:

You are creating co-misery together.

When you allow excuses, you become an enabler of limited thinking...theirs AND yours

You can be, do or have anything you want...and so can everyone else.

See it for your partner especially when she can't see it for herself.

Hold the barre for bliss VERY high in this game of BlissiPartnership: nothing less than bliss.

Are BlissiPartners friends?

Nope; they are Best Friends - 

Blissipartners won't they let each other settle for anything less than the most blissful life.

And in doing this for someone else, you practice living into it for yourself.

Get ready to experience the results of this amazing new kind of partnership!