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I Know I Can


Your single biggest obstacle: your rant about I CAN'T.

Ready to learn a new language for success?

First you need to unlearn some old self-talk.

I Can't... or Can I?

When you say I CAN’T,  you are actually deciding how things will be

And once you decide, it is done. It can be no other way because you said so

You are that powerful.

So the question to ask yourself : "Is I CANT what  I really want?"

Probably not. So...CAN you allow yourself all that you want?

Lets find giving yourself the opportunity.

A simple change of words - from "I CANT", to "How Can I?"  opens you up to what is possible.

This question engages your creative powers and helps you see ways to move what you once saw as unmoveable mountains.

HOW CAN I? opens the realm of possibility. It empowers you to find a way to do anything that you want.

Or more accurately, it allows for a "way" to find you.

 PLURK: I Think I Can, I Know I Can....I Can, I Can, I Can!

Go one full week without saying I CAN'T.

Catch yourself saying or thinking it, and correct your language.

Sure you can; just follow these simple steps

  • Carry a journal OR have your iPhone handy, because...
  • Each time you hear yourself say or think, "I can't," replace it immediately with How Can I? 
  • Catch all your I CAN'Ts every day (I Won't or I DON'T counts) for a week - even ones you're just thinking
  • Immediately follow it with "How Can I...? and come up with one SIMPLE answer
  • Post one of your I CANT/How Can I...?/I Can...statements PER DAY on the Riverflow FB Teachers page. Date each entry
  • Remember to keep is simple: Ask your How Can I? based on the results you want, and Answer your How Can I? question with one SIMPLE answer - one that is readily available to you
  • Later, when your results appear (they will!) update how that turned out, on your FB thread
  • Post daily for one week


Here are some examples:

You say, "I cant go on vacation." You change that to, "How can I go on vacation?"
Some immediate answers you can find:
  • "I can start looking at places I'd like to go."
  • "I can put myself on an email list for Bargain airfares, hotels and resort deals
  • "I can remember past vacations and feel that I'm likely to have more."
LATER, a vacation may appear - update us on how that worked out!

"I can't find work I like," becomes, "How can I find work I like? "
  • "I can do one thing at work today that I like"
  • "I can take three deep breaths at work today"
  • "I can appreciate that for now, I like how this job supports me financially."
LATER, a new job offer may come...or you may get a promotion... or an enjoyable new project at your old job..update us!

"I can't do yoga today" becomes, "How can I do yoga today?"
  • I can see that things can always change in my schedule
  • I can just decide go to yoga class
  • I can relax right now; that's what yoga is about!
LATER - you may find yourself in yoga... UPDATE US on how that happened!

You CAN have fun with DO!


TIP: Letting "I Can" find YOU vs figuring it out...

Don't look too hard; open the door just a small crack, with the simple question, "How Can I?"

It's really that simple.

Sometimes the answer will come may not even have to say, How Can I?  You can just answer your I Cant by starting the sentence WITH, I Can...and VOILA, a viable answer comes.

Or you may want to pose the HOW CAN I question, answer it....and later, your real I CAN solution comes.

SOLUTIONS come when you stop focusing on the problem -  which is embedded in your language of I CANT.

Your staunch belief in I CANT makes it impossible for any solutions to appear.

And you know this...because notice that you CANT find lost things when you say or think they are LOST.. its when you stop thinking it's lost, that it shows up. 

You always get job offers more easily when they already have a job...because you realize that you DO have a job so of course you CAN!

Women who've been trying suddely become pregnant after they adopt a child...because they CAN have a child (by adoption) so now they believe in the I CAN of having children

And thats how it works - you I CAN is your Magic Key

What's this all about?

The difference between I CANT and HOW CAN I? is three little words...that change everything

I can means you now stop resisting what you desire. Which was the obstacle!

You CAN open doors to solutions you may not have considered...

You CAN realize that I CANT was just a decision, out of alignment with solutions...

So - CAN YOU have everything you want?

You can. If you start here.


How can it be this easy?

It's science.

Nature hates a vacuum. When you pose a question, that's the vaccuum that your mind wants to fill with answers.

But if you make a definitive statement -  I CANT - there is no more vacuum, and no more question. Done deal.

Be aware of your declarations. They align with the result you get. Now you get to decide the result you WANT


It's not always easy to say I CAN and believe it...but it's not necessary to be so hard on yourself.

Go softer. Just substitute,  "How Can I?" for,  "I can't" and make room for one simple answer right now...then allow more solutions to come flooding in....because they can.

All in perfect time.

Were the solutions always there? Was it you who shut them out?"

All you need to do is test this - and see if there are indeed amazing solution out there...

And you just found the key to unlock them.

Notice your I CANTs. Ask the right question. Access one simple answers, and be prepared for the millions of possibilities for solutions that are all lined up, waiting for you to let in.

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