Appreciating Others

 Inspiration literally means "spirit from within."

You already have it within you to be, do and have anything you want.

But sometimes that message gets short circuited and, for awhile, you can feel disconnected.

If you are feeling the drag of too much to do; if you must force-yourself-to-do-it , if you feel guilty or feel overwhelmed or lethargic, chances are you have lost your inspiration.

This challenge will reconnect you, in just 30 days.

Take the Get Inspired Challenge:

Click Create New Post, below

Declare what you want to feel inspired about: For example - "I want to enjoy taking time for myself;" " I want to be happier with my family;"  "I want to write my book;" etc)

Find an Inspiration Touchstone: something that instantly makes you feel good: a quote from someone you admire; a book or poem that uplifts you; a particular song (music can be especially inspiring); words that someone who loves you would say; a memory of a time when you felt happy and loved. 

Each time you start feeling anxiety or upset, read/write/listen to your Touchstone. EVERYTIME.

Return to your Post at the end of the day and recount how the situations where you regained your inspiration

Do this every day for 30 Days. Along the way, write about any changes in your attitudes


Can I have more than one Touchstone?

Yes! And you may change Touchstones anytime in the Challenge, as long as your Touchstone moves you back into alighnment with your purpose/


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