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There was a time in my life when I felt so ...beautiful, bright and brilliant, exciting, powerful, on top of the world. i knew i could do anything I want, be anything. I was impulsive ,fearless and carefree. I felt so free and safe. I had so much fun. I did not have to control every word that comes out of my mouth- hey I was funny and witty -why should have I , I did not care what people thought of me. I felt perfect, almost perfect. And my imperfections were lovely and charming anyway. I did not even think about fitting in.That expression was not in my vocabulary. I don't even know if there were people who don't care for me. If they were -I did not know them.

No stories about why and how that state of being disappear. Overtime or overnight?

Now the question, how do I get that person back?

January 16, 2019 | Registered CommenterIrina

This is a very poignant question, dear Irina, and I am going to answer as your Inner Being.

Irinas Inner Being:
Everything you lived thus far has helped you to define your preferences and, vibrationally, all that you asked for is created, vibrationally.
Your job is to align with it and manifest it.
When you look back lamenting, you are not aligned
When you feel badly about yourself, you are not aligned
When you worry that you better when you were younger, you are not aligned
Not because you are somehow "wrong" for these feelings...but because we do not agree with you (and we ARE you, so you are actually in disagreement with the larger part of You~that disconnect is a poignant pain indeed.)
We know you to be perfect and lovable and beautiful
And yet you are are feeling stuck and worried and disempowered and small
These untruths about yourself are creating a temporary disconnect to who you truly are: Brilliant. Empowered, Carefree, Fun.
Its OK. You can come back anytime.
So - how can you align with who you really are?
Find something - anything - that feels carefree, fun, empowered, brilliant. All those things you want to be (and ARE) and BAM. There you are.
Just go easy on yourself.

(RHonda is going to interject here: I spend a lot of time walking around Trader Joes...waaaaayyyy more time than makes any logical sense for the amount of food I eat! Before Trader Joes, it was the coffee shop in Lambertville - hours every day, especially when i could magically get internet there when there was no actual WIFI! Before that Greene Street consignment every single day. All because it felt good for me to be there. Now, when I am at Trader Joes,I smile alot. I talk to everyone - workers and customers. I sample food. I drink coffee. I find inspirational ideas coming to me easily. Some might say I should be doing "more productive things" with my time...but my Inner Being knows that feeling good IS THE MOST PRODUCTIVE THINGS because joy aligns me with EVERTYHING ELSE I have asked for in my life which ALSO feels like joy - a match! - and when I am "vibrationally aligned," I feel like myself - not in disagreement with my higher self which IS who I am.

Back to your IB:
Irina, banging things into place never works.
Focusing on problems never works (the vibration of a solution is the opposite of the vibration of a problem so if CANNOT work)
Feeling badly about yourself not only feels awful right now, but keeps you misaligned with your Inner Being longer.
Your ONLY job is to line up with feeling better.
And we made it really simple: pet your dog. Get a facial. Go to the spa. Do hot yoga. And, when you are feeling badly, have a little "OK, I got it" moment: "Ok I got it: my Inner Being (who is me after all) does NOT feel this way about me, and thats the reason I feel terrible - I am not aligned with my highest self. UGH! I would prefer to be happy so right now, so I'm going to leave it and pet my dog for awhile. "

The equation is simple dear Irina: Happiness leads to happiness. We appreciate you so much and all that you have lived and asked for. Please catch up - You created it and its yours to live! Just live it with your FEELINGS and watch what happens in your LIFE.

PS - One more thing: we never look back thinking things were better "then" because all life is expanding and that is always good - so anytime you are looking back lamenting, we cannot be there with you and you feel the pain of the disconnect. So please come back to the present moment, eat a cookie., and come home..!


January 16, 2019 | Registered CommenterRhonda Uretzky, E-RYT

Dear Inner being I will follow your advice and go read a book instead of doing laundry! ANd maybe take a nap while i am at it.


January 17, 2019 | Registered CommenterIrina