Don't retreat from your life; Renew it

Most yoga retreats are about escaping. 

You don't want to retreat from life - you want to be inspired and filled with appreciation for life.

Not "someday," right now.

Hot yoga has renewed your body...

Can it renew your life?

Can you renew your wonder, your fun,  your joy?

What will you find on a Riverflow Blissful Warrior  Renewal?

    Get ready to find out...

  • Hot Yoga: a deeper, richer hot yoga experience of poses, breathing and meditation
  • Warm community: immerse yourself in new friendships
  • Deep Nourishment:  food that feels like home
  • Spiritual renewal:  journey back to the person you were meant to be

Awaken someplace special...

Your spirit is waiting for you here.  

Take yourself far away from your To Do list.

Practice hot yoga. Explore a new world. Be in a community. Make time for yourself.

Get ready to renew your dreams.

Riverflow Blissful Warrior Renewal.

To unwind. To explore. To regain your balance and find something long forgotten...yourself.


A cabin in the mountains or a B&B by the sea, a palazzo in the midst of a foreign city that feels like home. Part luxury, part simplicity, completely perfect. Your home on a Riverflow Renewal will always be someplace special.

Nourishing meals, supportive friends, hot yoga, and full on adventure. 

Life can be delicious.

Sumptous breakfasts, lavish brunches, healthy-decadance. Dinner with a view. Slow down for an espresso. Rediscover how it feels when life tastes delicious.

See with new eyes...

Look out over the mountains, gaze high above rooftops, stare into the sunset, and catch a glimpse of your dreams.

Look and see what you've been longing for.

Hone your practice...

HOT YOGA: Classic 90 or 60 minute hot yoga to restore your body and soul

MEDITATION: Deeper asana and meditative breathing

YOGA NIDRA: The yoga to relax you from bones to skin






Find your bliss and practice it ...

If you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone. But you can find your way out of it.

Let us guide you gently home to yourself.

Based on my book,The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today's Empowered Woman, this Renewal teaches the art of Blisscipline: happiness as a daily choice. Happiness from the inside out. .

 Finding the Blissful Warrior within yourself is simple...and memorable.

Be renewed... be yourself again

Riverflow Blissful Warrior Renewal is an awakening