Hot Yoga Schedule

1-17 class with Colleen

I took the 5:30 to 7 am class at Bikram yoga--i like the time on that because there is nothing to distract me from going--a late meeting at work, traffic, tiredness--you just roll out of bed and go. Colleen gave me some corrections--i think that some are helpful but the approach at this studio is a little different. For example, in Sasangasana, Colleen instructs you to lift your hips and eventually walk your knees in, whereas we wait until our forehead touches our knees before we lift. I was able to do it "Colleen's way" without placing pressure on the top of my head--need to discuss that and variation in Ardha Matsyendrasana with Rhonda.


1-12 class with Rhonda

I finally came back to yoga class after a week of being sick and was surprised at how well it went--it certainly didn't affect me negatively. Rhonda suggested the massage bed after class as I am recovering. Then on 1-13 met with Paula and Pamela for scripting, which was fun.


1-6 class with Rhonda

Had an excellent class with Rhonda--I was one of 2 students, so i got a lot of correction and learned some new things. One of them was about really making my pointer fingers go toward the back wall during Ardha Chadrasana.


12-31 class with Lisa

Lisa is my mentor, and in addition to a great class we ended up meeting afterwards to catch up. She talked about how strength training has helped her hot yoga practice--this is something i used to do and might add in again.


12-27 class with Brittny

Brittny is a good teacher and i enjoy her classes. The one thing that bothered me a little was that there were 5 people in the class, and she referred to everyone by name except me. I think you have to be careful about that as a teacher--it's okay if you compliment one student by name now and then, but not 4/5 people. I certainly don't think it was deliberate--just an observation.