Reinvent, Realign, Renew Yourself 

Somewhere deep inside is that life you were meant to live.

It just takes some remembering.  Relaxing. Renewing.


To feel empowered

To jump out of bed excited each morning

To look in the mirror and like what you see

To live inside your best-feeling body

To let of go of stress for good

To nourish yourself in a way that feeds your spirit

To allow your life to flow

Follow your heart

Find yourself wandering cafes, exploring beaches, hiking mountains, savoring meals

Get ready for an inner adventure of the soul.

Get ready to be yourself again.

You'll be nourished, body and soul.

 It's the kind of nourishment that fills your spirit.

and leaves you wanting more.

And there is ALWAYS more. 

Here, on a Riverflow Renewal, you'll find yourself in a community of new friends, balancing adventure and activity with time for dreaming and reconnecting all the dots of your life that lead you back to yourself.

Find your balance.

Open your heart.

Renew your spirit

Leave your To Do List behind

A Riverflow Renewal is about unplanning...filled with surprises and without rules. We have an itinerary...but it's changeable. We have ideas...but we won't tell you everything we have in store for you. Like yoga, we'll let each day unfold. You're here to relax and go with the flow. 

A typical day? No such thing - be flexible! Here's a sample:

  • LIGHT BREAKFAST: perfect to fuel your morning hot yoga
  • THEN -  YOGA!  Mats, towels and water provided
  • BRUNCH IS SERVED: Specialities of the region, amid great conversation
  • AFTERNOON ADVENTURE hikes, tours, rafting, riding, or stay home for an inner journey.
  • DINNER:  Homecooked or at a local cafe, restaurant or taverna
  • EVENING INSPIRATION: Wisdom Circles, Hot Yoga Posture Clinics, nightlife...
  • YOGA NIDRA/ YOGA DEEP: stretch, release into restful sleep... tomorrow is another amazing day

What do our guests say about a Riverflow Renewal?

"One morning in late april i was feeling particularly stressed...

i'd been working 7 days a week from morning until night for quite some time. i'd reached my limit and decided to take time for myself and finally get to a hot yoga class.

it's hard to put into words what that class did for me. the crazy amount of stress and tension i had been feeling was gone...just completely gone. in the final savasana, i started to cry. tears streaming from my face. in my ten years practicing hot yoga, i never experienced this. it was a great release.

by evening i knew i had to write rhonda to thank her and to let her know what hot yoga had done for me. in my p.s. i told her i thought the Renewal was a great idea...and a few emails later, i was booking the trip...."

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