Who's in charge? 



It's time to learn how to take back your life

Meet Your Riverflow Renewal Leader:

Rhonda Uretzky, E-RYT

Head Hottie, Riverflow Yoga

Author, The Blissful Warrior

Life is supposed to be fun.

It can be easy to forget;  after all, "fun" is not on your To Do List.

Let's trash that To Do List.

What would it mean to live from the heart, go with the flow...

All you need to do is take the next step:

You are in the right place

You can't get it wrong

You are always on your path


After teaching yoga to thousands of people over the last 45 years, I can tell you that it all boils down to one question:

“What happened to the life, the body, the person I was – and how can I get it back?”

What I’m getting ready to share is personal and it isn’t for everyone. In fact, right now it’s only for one, single person

Chances I know that person really well…

You’ve woken up every morning for the last few years, stared into the mirror and wished for someone different to be staring back.

The body you see …you just don’t recognize it anymore.

The energy you once had…where did it go?

You still have big dreams but they require stamina and strength both physical and emotional. And you need to know how to begin.

That’s where I come in.

The Riverflow Blissful Warrior Renewal: a one week adventure to find your way home… to yourself.

November 2017, in  Florence, Italy.

I’m not talking about a yoga retreat or a yoga vacation - you’re too busy for just another trip that just makes you feel worse after coming home.

I’m talking about an inner and an outer journey where I will teach you step by step techniques to transform your body, your spirit, to manage your everyday life with joy.

What does that look like?

• Hot yoga with a twist: the inner secrets to renewing your body (yes, your body CAN renew itself)

• Purposeful Meditations: connecting with your own inner guidance

• Blissful Warrior gatherings: how to reawaken what’s important to you

• Blissful Warrior techniques: easy strategies to create a life of ease, not struggle

• And all the pleasures of Italy: the food, the art, the history, the energy

…with someone who’s been coaching yoga-for-life for over 45 years. My focus will be totally on you and you’ll have the results to prove it.

Let’s face it, this may not be for everyone. But after presenting this opportunity to some amazing people over the last 10 days, we’re down to just a few spots left.

You know that feeling… stuck, never getting to the end of your To Do list,  overwhelmed but still not having time do do anything good for yourself? Call me.

What’s to lose?

Can’t wait to chat with you…

Begin the journey

A Riverflow Renewal is a celebration - of yoga, friendship, commnunity, self,  adventure,  surprises,  and spirit.

Long after your Riverflow Renewal ends, the tranformation you started here with us will continue forward in your life.

This is your new beginning.