Appreciation Focused Inward

Appreciation begins at home.

It begins with appreciating your authentic self;  accepting your worthiness, right now.

When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself with love, respect and trust?

Well, let's clean that mirror.

Blisscipline: Appreciating Myself

  • Each morning, face yourself in the bathroom mirror
  • Say 10 things you like about yourself right now. 
  • Speak them aloud, in the first person.
  • Be specific.
  • For instance:
  1. I love my gorgeous hair - its so silky
  2. I love my smile - it lights up my face
  3. I love how I treat people
  4.  I really know how to make others feel good about themselves
  5. I am great with kids
  6. I love how animals respond to me
  7. I know how to guide others
  8. I am a confident leader
  9. I am intelligent - I know a lot about my topic
  10. I also respect the feelings in my heart

Ten Times the FUN:

  • Find 10 things you truly believe in this moment. They may change from day to day
  • Say them aloud
  • Speak in the first person
  • Do this first thing every morning day.
  • Smile when you say that
  • Each day after making your statements, write a short sentence or two about how it felt

Feel free to share all your feelings of appreciation and set yourself free from self judgement.

In other words, come home to yourself. 

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