Hot Yoga Schedule

6th of July in Vienna


This was a good lesson for me to remain focused on my own energy. So I looked in the mirror, smiled at myself and carried on, focusing so much on me that everyone else disappeared.


5th of July in Vienna

Just do as you are told! 

I noticed that after class, I like to be quiet. Steve picks me up and we walk or metro back to the apartment and I have trouble focusing on his conversation or answering his questions about my class. I feel like I had so much happen in 90 minutes and I want to be quiet to think about it and enjoy it all. Next time I will allow for some extra time by myself to let it all sink in.


Fourth of July in Vienna

Follow the instructions of the instructor!


But she was sure I should lie down, and she IS the teacher, and she is probably right and I didn’t need to be so cross with her, so I moved to lay down. No ego, just do as you are told. ...

I was able to lay down but on my side, and that was it for a while – couldn’t move for a bit. Later, I sat up again, leaned forward and stretched, reached for the front mirror and felt a bunch of pops in my hips and back and that was it. I felt better and better. I finished the class performing every pose except final twist (did the set ups) and really enjoyed every second. In the final savasana, I was thanking myself. My whole body and mind, for what was accomplished. And mentally thanking the instructor, maybe she was right after all.


Dikorfo, 22 May 

I taught up to Tuladandasana!


19 May 2014

Dikorfo Greece Yoga Class!

It was a great class, and I was able to be mindful of all that I learned in the posture clinic the day before. I had a lovely savasana and left the class relaxed, appreciating myself and totally famished!