Money is based on a belief.

We believe that money is a measure of the value of things, even of our own human value; consider if you feel better about yourself when your salary is higher, and how often people become depressed when they lose a job.

What do you believe about money?

Does money make you feel free or trapped? Is it about abundance or scarcity? Does money make you fearful or flexible?

In this section we offer you the best tips, ideas and actions for creating more abundance, more joy and more mindfulness in your beliefs and behaviors towards money.



The 6 Jar System: Money For Everything

PLay Play PLay...Til 5:50

Let's face it....most people are uncomfortable about money.


In a recent study, it was discovered that people are more likely to tell you the details of their sex life than the amount in their paychecks

Whats so awful about money?

Think of all the adages you've heard about money or rich people - none of them not good.

Some people say they don't care about money...but most would admit that they want more money.

Whether you are a Saver, Spender, or Money Monk, most people have one thing in common:

Most people have no idea why they want more money...not really

Everyone says they want to win the lottery; but most people could not tell you why....and if they could, they might just hold the winning ticket

What does money feel like to you?

Security, safety, freedom..?

Money can even feel like joy..

If you can learn to ENJOY money

Years ago I learned something priceless, called The Jar System, at  a seminar called The Millionaire Mind. This is a way to practice using and enjoying money - any amount - by practicing six primary uses of money.

You mean money isn't just to pay the bills?

Most people end up on work-to-make-money, spend-money, work-harder-to-make-more-money, spend-more-money merry-go-round....going nowhere and feeling trapped.

What if money is FUN?

It can be, when you get used to enjoying it. First that means changing your feelings about money into those of joy. And as you know, you can change your feelings no matter what the conditions

6 Jars to Financial Freedom.

What are The 6 Jars?

Simply put: giving attention to 6 uses of money that will bring you a sense of joy and freedom, security and pleasure - all the FEELINGS of having all the money you want, RIGHT NOW.

Once you get the FEELINGS, the manifestation must follow.

Thats vibrational alignment

So - ready to line up?

First, get yourself 6 jars - any size, shape, dimension. I recommend they be pretty, something you love to look at. Place them on a desk or dresser where you can see them. Mark the jars as follows:

  1. Necessities
  2. Financial Freedom Accoung (FFA)
  3. Long Term Savings for Spending (LTSS)
  4. Education
  5. PLAY
  6. GIVE

Each time you receive a paycheck, a payment, or any money at all, you divide that money as folows:

  1. Necessities: 50 - 55%
  2. Financial Freedom: 10%
  3. Long Term Savings for Spending (LTSS): 10%
  4. Education: 10%
  5. PLAY: 10%
  6. GIVE: 5% - 10%

You are to spend this money for items in the category, as follows:

  1. Necessities: your bills
  2. Financial Freedom: investing in something that makes you money
  3. Long Term Savings for Spending (LTSS): saving for something big - a trip, a car - be specific and you can have more than one LTSS jar for more than one thing you are wanting
  4. Education: invest in continuing education for yourself
  5. PLAY: Money to play with - and I mean PLAY like a rich person: you MUST spend this money each week or at once a month and you MUST choose something you find extravagant, something you want, and something you would do if money was no object

6. Give: charity, or giving to someone in any way

When you use money for these 6 categories, you are leveraging money in your life.

Lots of Questions;  Lots of Answers

1. What if I dont make enough money for anything but necessities?

Then you need to notice that trap and change that. 55% of your income should cover your expenses.


So your first step may be to create an Income/Expense spreadsheet and really look at all your expenses (yes, even that daily Starbucks Mocaccino - it adds up to big money in a year).

Next, see what you can eliminate without pain. Maybe you can live happily with 2 monhtly magazines vs 5. Maybe you can be just as happing using your library card vs Amazon.  Look, and you will find many easy, painless ways to eliminate joyless expenses without sacrificing your joy.

And lastly, no matter what, put money in every jar. Put something in every time you get paid. The amount is not as important; the habit is.


2. What if I need money from another jar for unexpected Necessities?

I confess - I have done this; always a disaster.

Speaking from experience, I tell you to resist the temptation to steal from yourself.

Once you resolve this, you'll be surprised how you start "finding"  (or is creating lol?) money for your necessities.


3. What counts as GIVE?

Traditionally speaking, GIVE means Charity. For me, I also count gifts to others, donations to street musicians, giving money wherever, whenever, to whomever I want. If if feels good to give, that's the spirit


4. What is LTSS?

This is for when you are saving for something specific - and everyone has something, even if its not yet a well formed plan. Dream of going to Italy someday? LTSS. Think you'll want a new car? LTSS. Anything that would take some saving is LTSS. And you may have more than one LTSS jar - just divide the 10% into among the number of LTSS items you want


5. Lets talk about the PLAY Jar...I have responsibilities. I can't play with money!

And this is why you dont have any money to play with.

Money is for joy, including yours. HERE is the UNBREAKABLE RULE of the PLAY JAR: You must spend it on something that makes you feel like money is no object; an extravagance, and one that feels good.

You deserve to play and this is your chance. There is a story of a woman so broke she could only put a dime in her play jar each week. At the end of the month, she took her forty cents to the local candy store and bought Hubba Bubba bubble gum - the kind she enjoyed as a kid. She blew bubbles. She laughed at the comic. She felt like a million bucks.

Some great PLAY jar ideas in all price ranges, from real-life examples:

Take yourself to dinner and order what you want without checking the price first

Buy clothing you like, not because it's on sale

Take a cab instead of the subway

Take a plane instead of a train

Go to ROME for the weekend to just see the Sistine Ceiling (yes, this is a real example)

Get the idea?

Take this playful game Challenge

You won't really get this until you JUST DO IT.

How to start?

Take The Magic Wallet challenge for 30 days (or more) and while you do, read and be inspired by about what others have experienced to offer you encouragement and tips to keep you going.

Your results will be priceless.

I highly recommend doing this as soon as possible - because it's true what they say: TIME is MONEY - and you don't want to waste either.

How To Use The 6 Jars: Q&A


Abundance in 30 Days or Less

Can you believe yourself into prosperity?

As it turns out, you can; and furthermore, that is the ONLY way to become abundant.

The "harder" you work at it, the harder it is. Why?

Law of Attraction says, like energies attract. If you "work hard," you will get more "hard work." No judgement, just law.

Notice if that's true in your life...don't you know many two-and-three job people who work exceedingly hard and are not prosperous?

Could you "play" at creating "real" abundance? What if abundance was a game?

I played a little thing called The Prosperity Game for 365 days last year and found that the line which separates what I believe from what I have is way more subtle than I ever...imagined.

I learned The Prosperity Game from the book Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

OK, I know what you're thinking. I am not really one to listen when channeled entities talk through people I suspect have a profit motive.

But I am teachable. I can open my mind. And after reading Abraham-Hicks, even venturing to see them in person, I cared less about where these ideas were coming from; whether or not they were faking the channelling thing, these concepts were brilliant.

I have always been fascinated by the secrets of the human mind: stories about an elderly grandmother who lifts a 2 ton truck to save her beloved grandson pinned underneath - how is that possible?

The answer I have come up with is, how can we even believe that anything impossible?

Where does logic factor in when the illogical takes place?

In the Prosperity Game, you start with the illogical: establish an "imaginary" checking account and make it real.

Here's the Prosperity Game, courtesy of Abraham-Hicks:

  1. Get a bunch of blank checks and a check ledger. Or a spreadsheet, or a notebook. The method by which you actually manage your money is the best way to start this game. If you arent used to managing your money, choose any of these that feel best
  2. On Day 1, "deposit" $1000. On Day 2, deposit $2000; Day 3: $3000. And so on. Add $1000 to the last deposited amount each day.
  3. Each day, you must spend the entire amount.
  4. That's right, the whole thing. You must spend it all. All. ALL

Shop, (the Internet is great for this!), choose what you like, write the checks and spend the entire amount of your daily deposit every day.

And no being stingy- after all, tomorrow the account renews automatically - so spend all the money you have in the account today.

The real point of The Prosperity Game is to have FUN spending money - bask in it!

You don't want to teach yourself to do without, to live below your means, to settle for being happy with the little you have.

Nope. Its the opposite of what you were taught about money. (Think about who it was that taught you about money...was that person....prosperous? Happy about money? Completely financially free? No? Then lets try throwing away that teaching for now...)

For instance - I bought impractical white leather Eames chairs I saw in the window of Reinboth Home and Garden, priced at $2500 each, even though my next thought was, "my dog Petey will probably lay on them the first day and there goes that white leather."  I bought them anyway - because I WANTED them. In my mind I placed them framing the fireplace, and sat on them, on a winter's night with my feet up, sipping tea with my partner.

Those pink tourmaline earrings would look gorgeous dangling from my earlobes...and so they did! (Thought before buying them: "I always lose one earring...should I spend this much?" Answer: You wont lose anything! Buy them NOW!)

Same for those I Chanel Jackie O-looking sunglasses" knowing how often I lose my sunglasses I can't spend $350 for a pair...or can !? Sure I can." Thanks to The Prosperity Game, I did.

Was it real? It sure felt real...and that's the secret of reality.

On Day 50, you're depositing and spending $50,000. IN a single DAY

When you reach Day 300, your deposit is $300,000. And still you're spending it all on that one day.

The more you deposit, the better you get at using money for what its good for: spending!

Yes, money is to spend...not to save, hoard, or mistake for security, love or whatever. It is to enjoy in your own way. No judgements. And enjoy everyday, not just "when I have enough." You always have enough. That's what the Prosperity Game helps you to see. And live, And have.

If you play The Prosperity Game every day for a year, you will have spent over $66 million.

What's the point of spending what's not real? IS real.

First, you are benefiting by expanding your ability to use money. In other words, you begin to realize after playing the game for a few weeks, that it takes real concentration and focus to spend that much money.

You are exercising that often stagnant Prosperity Muscle, which responds the same whether you do it for real or with your imagination. Yes, the same!

Your imagination is the staging room where you prepare great ideas just before they manifest. 

Most of us don't flex that muscle enough because we think it's a waste of our time. We're told that it is! We even have a variety of derogatory words for using the imagination:  daydreaming. Being lazy. Doing nothing. Loafing.

Unlike the Italians, who have beautiful phrases like " Dolce far niente," the sweetness of doing nothing, Americans applaud people who work too hard, do too much, and are always on the go.

We don't even care that oftentimes, where we are going is six feet under, faster.

Most people stubbornly insist they will feel good only when they receive the physical manifestation of their desires and not a moment sooner. "I'll believe it when I see it!" mentality. So they can only feel good when they observe things they want.

But playing The Prosperity Game, you are feeling good right now. Anytime you do, you realize it was there all along. Your joy AND your prosperity.

Abraham explains how The Prosperity Game makes you a powerful prosperity magnet: things you focus upon are unable to resist the pull of powerfully focused feelings of joy.

If you are giving your attention to your current financial  state, then your future evolves just the same. But if you are giving your attention to an expanded version of what you want, exactly what The Prosperity Game evokes from you, then you find the future that shows up is closer to that imagined state.

As it turns out, your life is something you are indeed creating, thought by thought.

You can play The Prosperity Game for a short time, or go the full year and spend your $66 million. It can feel awkward in the beginning but in short time, you will expand into it.

And as your imagination expands, and your point of attraction widens,  notice how your reality plays out.

My Prosperity Game

I started My Prosperity Game in July 2011.

On Day 20, I decided to spend all $20,000 on a downpayment on an investment property, one that would cash flow ...only I had no such property in my reality.

However, I did picture it: cozy, located in an urban town, that needed no work and would rent made me feel good to be providing a beautiful home to a new friend I would meet as a result. The days continued. On Day 25, I used $5000 for closing costs, $1500 for attorneys fees (I researched these costs). I paid off some credit card debt and lowered my debt-to-income ratio so I got the best possible interest rate on the mortgage, which I decided would be well under $100K.

On Day 30,I was surfing Zillow and there it was: a solid little condo in Doylestown PA priced at under $100K. Low taxes and carrying costs made it a great property for cash flow. A popular little town.

The condo had new carpeting and freshly painted walls. It was small enough to take care of and large enough to be a lovely home...and it offered $400 in monthly cash flow! After our offer was accepted, we decided to pay off some credit card debt - we realized that we had the cash to do this all along, it just never felt right til now.

Immediately I had 5 inquiries from prospective renters. And my Realtor presented the estimated closing costs: $4889.

Writing the checks, using my imagination and feeling no resistance about this spending (and why should I? More cash is coming tomorrow!), I put myself in a state of allowing what I want into my life. That's different than asking, making affirmations, and certainly the complete opposite of planning.

And it's FUN! The more I play The Prosperity Game, the more I believe that I CAN have what I want - and somewhere along the way I cross over from believe to receive.

Wait, there's more: not only does your financial situation improve, but your experience of enjoyment in your life does as well.

I found myself enjoying those pink tourmaline earrings every bit as much by picturing myself wearing them, as by actually owning them.

That means I have instant access to the JOY of everything I could ever want, right now.

After all - how long do you wear those new earrings before your desire shifts to something else? You can do that in your imagination just as well as in real feels exactly the same. There is no diminishment of the joy just because it's "not real." Play with that thought for awhile: yeah, it's a trip!

You can start The Prosperity Game and stop it anytime; play it for the fun of it.

I went all the way to Day 365.( I starting writing this when I was Day 50. ) 

Somewhere around Day 100, I began envisioning a $10 Million Golden Goose - I live off the dividends and not the principal - so I began depositing $30,000 daily into it (Day 365 it will be at $10M).

I want a $1M Golden Goose account for each of my children, so $10,000/day gets deposited into each of their names.

Along the way there's the $1200 Art Deco vase in the window of the antique store. The $180 one-of-a-kind stackable meditation stools. A $1500 wedding gift for my yoga teacher getting married. (I bought the Jackie O sunglasses from my account, and 4 days later found a pair on a park bench). A shopping spree at Greene Street for me and Carly. A new guitar for Zach's birthday - a classic Fender he has his eye on. A trip to Italy in the best of all possible months, October: done.

GOSH this is FUN!

The longer I play this game, the better I feel, the more often my desires show up in the real world. But I don't have to wait for "reality: in order to enjoy my things right now.

By the way, the manifestation doesn't always show up as envisioned; it's always better.  

I am giving up on planning. I am playing my way to Prosperity from here on.

So, those of you who live in Lambertville, NJ will find me every morning at Lambertville Trading Company between 7AM and 8AM, nursing a black iced coffee and pouring over my  checkbook out, writing away. That's me, looking up with the smile on my face. Feel free to peer over my shoulder or ask what I'm buying today.

Play the Prosperity Game for a month; I dare you.

Experience that more expanded idea of who you are when you're in the flow of a joyful life.

See if manifestations arrive in ways you probably didn't imagine...see if you even care or can even tell the difference in your joy levels.

Comment here about what you bought day by day for Week 1. Later, comment about what has shown up for along the way you as you count the days to your prosperous new life.

And answer me this: is it all just in your mind? Perhaps that's the wrong question.

Maybe the right question is:  is reality just a the mirror of your mind?