Motivated or Inspired?

We are taught to be motivated - to push ourselves and continue going going going when the going gets tough...and we are told that the biggest rewards come to those who do.

But is there true satisfaction in pushing yourself? If there was...would overachievers and Type-A personalities be happier?

Perhaps there is a difference between motivation and inspiration.

When one is inspired to act, the action, however demanding, is all consuming and joyful. Its the kind of action where time disappears and you feel as if you could go without sleep - and when you do fall asleep you awaken looking forward to what you're about to do

You dont have to "motivate" yourself to do it - you can hardly hold yourself back.

They tell us that great achievement comes from hard work - from staying motivated on on track with your To Do List and never procrastinating of letting yourself stray from the target.

But are they confusing motivation with inspiration?.

What do you think: inspiration or motivation? What would happen if you just let go and allowed your quieted mind genius to direct you?

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on October 19, 2018
October 19, 2018