Hot Yoga Schedule

Week Fourteen Class Two 1/13/19 GURU and 8:15 Music

I made sure to get all my class time in for plurks because I will be away in Miami. I wish I was staying longer, I would have found a place to try a class. i think that is going to be a thing from now on.  A concentrated effort to find a studio on every business trip I take. Doubling up Guru and Music Class was great! More kicking in Standing forehead to knee, good stretch in Rabbit. went home for a cup of tea, shower and back to the studio for scripting. I was relaxed enough to be much more light hearted and humorous than I usually am and i think it really showed in my scripting! Good week, home to be able to arrange my work schedule when I get back so that I can make the Friday night class before scripting with Pamela.


Week Fourteen Class One 1/12/19 10am Express

Overslept but still went to class, two or three classes a week has become a habit> a habit I really enjoy. I look better, feel better and have less anxiety. I was particularly anxious about posting two videos in two days, but I went home and posted my redo without much nervousness. It is easier to record video on the weekend when I am not so tired, but after a class where I am looser and calmer and more focused. My hot yoga practice is genuinely an open eye meditation.


Week Thirteen Class Two Guru 1/6/19 

Focused on the third and fourth limbs of yoga u this week so we picked a couple poses to discuss breathing and work on. I really wanted to understand the breath pattern of Sit UP and I think the double exhale comes right before round the back forehead to knee while you are holding the big toes and doing the double jerk. It all goes so quickly, you really need to focus and move quickly. We also worked on form and breath in Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Janushirasana which has always  been a choky pose for me. We worked on the placement of the forehead on the knee, keeping my mouth and my nose out of my cleavage so I can get some air. Walked through shallow inhales and deeper exhales and inhaling deeply prior to going into the pose. 


Week Thirteen Class One 1/5/19 Express

Well this was interesting. I usually bag class on a day I am having anxiety attacks, but I need to get my classes in and this week was crammed full of meetings and appointments. I also promised to meet the other TTs to script. Off I go to the studio, and have another full blown panic attack on the way. I get there and realize I have no laptop/ no problemo, put a call out for  a laptop delivery. I spent most of the class trying to get my breath and clear my mind. I actually caught myself mouth breathing a couple times..I cannot remember the last time I did that in class or life for that matter. Balance was shaky, I cried a couple times in the standing series and really just wanted this class to be over in the worse way. I also cried in Supta Vajrasana. After Savasana I felt better and by the time we ran scripts I was able to ge through it twice..since the laptop did not record my ENTIRE session. LOL 


Week Twelve Class Two NYD 9:30 Express

So proud of myself, rolled out of bed, and right out to class. No shower, no mucking about; just up and out. Nice, hot sweaty class though a bit crowded. Some days i like crowded other days not so much, but today I didnt care I was just glad to be there. Thinking about Yamas and Niyamas, I dont actually pay as much attention to what goes well or poorly in asana anymore. After all tomorrow will be different than today and today was different than yesterday. It is enough to go and do, to work on my form and push the limits a little bit. It is enough just to be.