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How much is life worth?


  • You breathe about 8 liters of air/minute or about 11,000 liters per day
  • Insurance companies value a human life at about 5 million dollars.
  • Since you breathe 11,000 liters of air/day, that means you are literally breathing in $2.4 billion everyday.

Who taught you to have shortage consciousness about money?


Who was it that taught you to save for a rainy day... 

to llve below your means...

Who told you, you can't afford it?

Chances are, you learned about money from people who didn't have much of it.
It's not their fault. And it's not your fault.
But still you may have picked up shortage-consciousness about things like, well, money! You may have heard things like:
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Money isn't important
  • Rich people are greedy

Consider that you can, at any time, choose to adopt an alternate story about money, like: 

  • each time you spend money you are supporting economies, feeding families, lessening poverty,  creating jobs, establishing more abundance and overall uplifting humanity

It's time to create your own money story, for yourself.

So, get ready to for your story to:

  • Transform your stress around money
  • Allow you to enjoy money
  • See money as an abundant and renewable resource

First, let's put aside some old habits that don't feel all that good: 

  • Stop saving for a rainy day (unless you want some rain)
  • Stop living below your means
  • Stop saying "money doesn't grow on trees" (isn't that exactly where money comes from?)
  • Stop waiting to have money before you can enjoy money

Consider this: you want more money because you think you'll feel happier in having it.

But why wait?

You can have that happiness right now.

Maybe you've heard that money can't buy happiness....but happiness can create money.



Your Magical Money


RULE 1: Transform your words

Stop saying  "I can't afford it."  

Each time you see something you want and begin to say, "I can't afford that,"

STOP and replace your language with, "Hmmm...How can I afford that?"

Ask the question but don't look for the answer; let the answer find you.


RULE 2: Whip out your Magic Checkbook

  • Get a blank checkbook,  a spreadsheet, an old fashioned ledger book or set up a PINTEREST BOARD (hint: that is easiest - everything in one place!)
  • On Day 1, "deposit" $1000 
  • Spend all of it on Day 1 - every last penny (go shopping and write checks, deduct from your ledger, note the prices of the items on your PINTEREST board)
  • Day 2: Deposit an additional $1000, (so $2000) - and spend that completely on Day 2.
  • Each day, "add" another $1000 to yesterday's deposit
  • Each day SPEND IT ALL - that is the only way it can magically renew.
  • You cannot accrue it for the next day. You cannot save it for an emergency (unless you would like an emergency)

Let me be clear: there is no actual checking account in a bank, but there IS a very real vibrational account in the Bank you are Banking on: your Vibrational Money which is VERY REAL to you.



For this to feel like REAL MONEY you have to spend it in a REAL WAY - the way you spend money.


  • you cant donate all of it each day
  • you cant just say "vacation" without shopping for the details and knowing what it costs
  • you cant give it away to someone just to be rid of it that day

The more real it feels to you, the faster you will transform your relationship with money...for real.


RULE 4: There's no tomorrow: spend ALL your money Today

How will you spend all that money?

Be creative; be specific.

  • Go shopping and pick out some Chanel.
  • Search the Internet for a vintage Porsche.
  • Flip through your favorite home decorating magazines and buy classic Viking stove
  • Plan a vacation, down to the last details
  • Pay off your credit cards
  • Start a charity- a very specific charity
  • Buy the biggest Teddy Bear from FAO Schwartz for your daughter, and one for her best friend.


Don't just imagine what you will buy: go shopping and FIND IT: post the exact price of the exact items.


  1. What you are buying must feel good
  2. You must spend every penny, every day.

When your wallet starts to fill - maybe at around $10,000 or so to spend in one day - you may feel something odd:  stress!

Before the Magic Wallet, you stressed about not having enough money, now you may be stressed about having too much to spend!

Oh, this is FUN.

RULE 5: Share the wealth

Share your Magic Wallet to make it feel real. After all, isnt that what you do when you buy something new - show it to your friends?

Posting your Magic Wallet

  • Create a PINTEREST Board and post what you bought each day
  • Create captions for each purchase in this format:
  • EXAMPLE: Day 1/$1000: purchased a Harley Motorcycle Jacket for us both, total $499.39
  • For each purchase note Date/Total in your wallet/ amount you spent on each item
  • You can also do this as a journal, page by page with pictures and captions and post photos of your Journal pages
  • Be creative. Upload DAILY to the FB Teachers Page (HINT: PINTEREST is easiest as you only need to post the live link one time and update the PINTEREST PAGE daily...just Post Date/Total in wallet each day on the FB Comments under your initial post.
  • Add a thread below and post your feelings each day of your spending; Describe things like:
  • How did you feel about this purchase?
  • What thoughts about money did you notice as you were shopping?
  • What money attitudes surfaced?


My Magic Year

I did the Magic Wallet for a full year; after 365 days, I had spent $66 Million Dollars.

Here are some of my favorite Magic purchases:

  • Vacation for three months in Italy
  • A Jackson Pollock Painting
  • Golden Goose Accounts for my kids (this is part of the JAR system: The GIVE JARS)
  • A condo in Brooklyn and a Pied A Terre in Manhattan overlooking Central Park West
  • Designer shoes wardrobe  - Manolo Blahnik in particular with some Jimmy Choos...and a closet to display them all
  • My Freedom Foundation - My charity organization devoted to inspiring others to live life to the fullest whatever that may be for you

...and here is what materialized during that year:

  • A trip to Italy for 21 Days
  • A condo in Doylestown (that proved to be a fantastic investment in an abundance of ways)
  • A Gary Giordano original painting in the style of Jackson Pollock (free)
  • Designer shoes (I constantly find brand new designer shoes at a local consignment store that I now have a wardrobe full...that reminds me, I want some more!)
  • I found my way to many charity events:  a black tie music charity NYC - which fueled another passion of mine: getting dressed up and going out on the town in NYC

Did I enjoy the "real" purchases any more than the magic items?

I actually doubled my pleasure.

The Magic felt real, and the real was magical.

In other words, both gave me equal amounts of happiness. Both were priceless experiences. Both felt equally real to me

Sure, you want the real deal. The stuff. 

Relax. Do the Magic Wallet, and the manfestations will come.

When? That timing is up to the Universe

But your certainty and ability to relax and enjoy is an integral part of that perfect timing

That means: don't wait a moment longer to bask in the full enjoyment of everything you're wanting.

Expand this and Play The Magic Wallet for 30 Days - or continue it for ONE YEAR and you'll squeeze every last cent of fun out of it. Pay it forward by being an example of abundance (your poverty mentality sure ain't helping anyone)

Your results: priceless.


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